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Jade Gua Sha & Roller Set

Our Hand-Crafted Jace Face Roller and Gua Sha set is designed to de-puff, lift, and promote lymphatic drainage. It is the perfect addition to your natural skin & self care routine to leave you looking radiant. Helping to eliminate toxins and naturally contour, our facial roller works to improve circulation, bringing fresh blood & nutrients to the skin’s surface, softening the appearance of fine lines while our Gua Sha relieves tension, tones and sculpts. 

Jade: Carries a healing energy that can help balance your own inner energies, relax the nervous system, and bring about a sense of harmony and balance.

The benefits of crystal facial rolling and sculpting aren’t just physical, but are also good for emotional and mental well-being. These tools provide a cool and relaxing facial massage experience, helping you to feel revitalised and awake.


Grade-A 100% Natural Authentic Jade Stone. As this is a natural stone, each piece will be unique and vary in colour and pattern. 


    These tools are naturally cool to the touch, however they can be refrigerated before use for a more stimulating effect.


    1. Rinse your face, ensuring a clean surface for the roller.
    2. Using the smaller end of the roller, gently massage in clockwise motions around the eye. Press gently around the inner corner eye and sides of nose to help relieve sinus problems.
    3. With the larger end, massage the forehead, cheeks and temples.

    Gua Sha

    1. Rinse your face, ensuring a clean surface for the Gua Sha.
    2. Using the curvatures of the stone, make short and long strokes across your face. This can also be used on the neck and body as well. Facial oils or serums can aid this process, allowing for smoother strokes.


    Always clean your tools thoroughly with a soft, damp towel after each use to remove excess oils and skin build-up. Place them back in the box as they are fragile.

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