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Meet Helen

Meet Helen, a seasoned bridal makeup maestro with over 25 years of experience enchanting faces in the vibrant city of Melbourne, Australia. With her mastery in the art of makeup, Helen has perfected the delicate balance of elegance and allure, specialising in soft glam looks that captivate and mesmerise.

Helen's signature style accentuates the eyes with natural hues to be the "stand out" feature by using the perfect amount of highlight shimmers and bronzed contours to emphasise eye colours making them look brighter and more captivating.

She is called a "Beauty Guru" by her brides, as she is the queen for creating flawless, customised foundations that effortlessly allow your natural beauty to shine through, never overdone or heavily made up.

Helen isn't just a makeup artist; she's a "Magician", weaving dreams and confidence with each stroke of her brush and her artistry ensures every bride feels like a goddess on her special day!

Helen xo

My Mission

Helen's passion for makeup continues to grow and flourish by the continual testimonials she receives from her clients.  Helen wants to help teach people to love their own reflection in the mirror which improves self esteem and confidence and be happy in general within themselves. It is her mission to provide each client with a beauty service which will make them feel and look amazing!
“There are no words that can express the gratitude I have when you make someone feel and look like a million dollars on their special day and they can’t thank you enough.” 

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