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Brow Design & Restoration


What is True Brow?

The TrueBrow™ system is the process of recovering your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally. You will be amazed at what is possible, using your very own brows, regardless the state they are currently in. No tricks, serums, wigs, extensions. No tattooing and no permanent makeup! 

TrueBrow™ believes the importance of a woman's overall softness and beauty through recognizing the influence the brow has on a woman's expression of herself.

TrueBrow™ is really your true brow. It is the brows you have (or wish to have) cared for in a way you've not yet experienced. Your natural brow is nurtured, never compromising it's beauty, but fulfilling a vision of what your brow will become.  

TrueBrow™ brows are soft, feminine, fluid, and complimentary yet completely unique unto you.   As a TrueBrow™ Specialist Helen has been trained to develop a vision for your brows, seeing your brows very differently than your average beauty therapist or esthetician, and she works to cultivate that vision hair by hair. This may mean the Specialist is designing a brow, or it may mean she is correcting, transforming or restoring a brow. No matter what is determined to be needed, there is incredible skill, care and detail in every appointment. No stencils, serums, stains or extensions, just beautiful natural brows and they're all yours. Who wouldn't want that?



Fundamentally, the TrueBrow™ system is different, asking more of the beauty professional, asking her to really see each brow for what it is and what it could be.

Have you noticed that even the most bold, rough brow can look incredible on the right face? Or possibly more common, that even the most perfectly shaped brow can look sharp and out of place? Not every brow suits every person. This may seem obvious, but somehow we have gotten to a place where brow services are approximately 15 -minutes and involve significant hair removal, or applying a stencil in order to impose a predetermined brow design on our faces.  How is it possible that our individuality has been reduced to 1 of 5 in a set of stencils? How did we come to expect so little for our beauty? 



For far too long, your brows have been compromised, by a brow curriculum that fails the beauty professional, leaving them without the knowledge and skill necessary to create and maintain the brows you deserve - brows that enhance your beauty and offer you confidence!  You can expect more and you should expect more.

We believe your brows are an incredibly important expression of your beauty and as such, your TrueBrow™ Specialist keeps this notion in the back of her mind as she is working with your brows, taking the time needed to understand how your hair moves, how it lays and ultimately which hair is not needed. She acts with purpose, making deliberate choices, and is paying close attention to every detail.






Achieving amazing results takes time! There's a reason a 15-20 minute brow wax is focused entirely on hair removal – we simply cannot apply our skill and knowledge without taking the time we need and the time your brows deserve! You will notice the difference immediately, as you will never be rushed through a brow appointment with a TrueBrow™ Specialist. The details matter!

Each TrueBrow™ Discovery session offers us the opportunity to assess your brows and begin to develop our vision.

Finally, you have someone who is dedicated to offering you incredible brows, all the time, as opposed to someone who gives you a brow wax. Although hair removal will be part of your brow appointment, it is by no means all there is to it. Your brows deserve more and somewhere along the way, women became accustomed to hair removal (i.e. the brow wax) and that "cleaned up" equates to beautiful, but sadly it does not and we're here to give you what you didn't realize you could have.


Contact Helen today to book your Discovery Session via email: or M: 0419520905 

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